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What Do Different Colored Clergy Shirts Mean?

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The clothing and accompanying attire worn by the clergy are often thought of as sacred or

personal items. The clothing worn symbolizes the faith and commitment to the congregation.

The clergy will choose what colored shirt to wear based on the service they are delivering.

Here’s a brief look at what the different colored shirts represent.

Black Shirt:

Black shirts are predominantly worn by Methodist and Catholic clergy members as their primary

colored apparel. They may wear black as their everyday attire and black colored shirts are

considered the main color worn by clergy members.

Red Shirt:

A red shirt is usually worn by a clergy member who holds the title of Bishop. This is most seen

within Catholic and Methodist clergy members. The red shirt is usually accompanied by a white

collar. Cardinals most often wear a maroon clergy shirt because they hold a higher position than

a Bishop.

Purple Shirt:

A purple shirt is often worn by a member of the clergy to represent a specific position within the

church. It often helps the clergy member to identify as a Bishop or Senior Bishop. Often times, a

Bishop will wear a purple shirt to distinguish themselves from a Senior Bishop who may be

wearing a maroon colored shirt. Purple is often worn during wakes and times of remorse.

White Shirt:

Often times a clergy member will wear white during weddings, funerals, baptisms, and religious

holidays. The white shirt is usually worn underneath the clergy members cloak or robe but it is

not worn out in public, only during the ceremony. There is usually an accompanying colored

priest collar that relates to the event or season that the event is taking place in.

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