Mens Rochet

The rochet is a staple clerical garment of Western Churches, including Roman Catholic church and Anglican church, wherein it is often worn as a part of choral dress. It is typically a white vestment, with narrower sleeves than the alb, with which it may be confused. Unlike the alb, which reaches to the ankles, this garment usually reaches almost to the hem of the cassock but does not cross it.

Whether you’re looking for these garments to outfit your choral singers or your clergymen and women are in the practice of wearing them over the tops of their cassocks and cinctures, we have what you need. Please see our collection below and call us at 877-453-3535 if you have any questions.

The rochet is commonly worn by ordained clerics during non-eucharistic functions and is common in the Catholic and Anglican churches. Descended from the alb, it is a similar, ankle-length white garment, typically made of cotton or linen.

Our traditional men’s rochet in white is made from a durable, high-quality poly-cotton blend material and features a pleated-button closed cuff with fluting around the garment. (To see our surplices, please see the previous link.)

They are available here at Divinity Clergy Wear in extended sizes and can be shipped with an optional robe bag.