Ladies Clergy Dresses

Why choose between originality, quality of craftsmanship or downright beauty in preaching dresses when you can have all three? We say the best clergy dresses and Apostolic dresses online possess all of these qualities of singularity, beauty and quality, and you can find them all right here on our website!

Of course, with clergy dresses, as with clergy robes and other clothing, sometimes it’s best to get personally acquainted with them before spending, so we welcome you to come visit us in our showroom in Hamilton, New Jersey, anytime you want to get more familiar with any of the vestments and garments we sell!

Our ladies’ clergy dresses are available in a wide variety of unique styles, designs, cuts, and colorways, with 2 and 3-piece dresses in our collection. We also carry 1-piece preaching dresses with tab collars. Like our clergy robes, many are available in extended sizes and with your choice of an optional garment bag (contact customer service with questions). We also have a selection of Class A vestments, Cogic female clergy attire, and Pentecostal clothing in plus sizes.

All of our dresses exhibit exemplary quality and many are elaborately decorated with ornate brocade patterns, embroidered crosses, and rhinestones. Dignify your presence as a lector with one of our beautiful, one-of-a-kind preaching dresses and move the spirit of the congregation!