Clergy Shirts: Collars, Colors and More

Oct 10th 2020

If you are only familiar with clergy shirts from the perspective of a bystander, then you might not know that there were so many different types, styles and colors. However, we here at Divinity … read more

A History of The Cassock

Sep 22nd 2020

Here at Divinity Clergy Wear, we deal in “wares” that go by relatively common names. In order to recognize and truly understand the different names of the garments that we offer here, you would prob … read more

The Most Valued Features of Our Pastor Robes

Sep 7th 2020

To those who are familiar with clergy wear or the church, you may have observed the various forms of attire that are worn by prominent members of the church. Whether this be in the form of suits, ro … read more

What You Need to Know About Clergy Robes

Aug 24th 2020

Amongst all clergy attire, Clergy Robes are a common article of clothing that are worn solely by members of the clergy. You can find them for men and women, although the styles, colors and … read more