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How to Dress Professionally in the Hot Summer Months

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As they weather heats up it may influence what you feel like wearing to work. Although in many cases it’s inappropriate to dress unprofessionally, this doesn’t mean your outfit choice should leave you smoldering in the heat. Since you want to stay credible as well as conscious at work, here are some Do’s and Don'ts of how to dress professionally during the midst of the summer heat.


Wear layers that’ll allow you to adjust to the drastic difference between the heat outside and the chilling air conditioning in your office building. A short sleeve blouse or summer sweater is the perfect item to help you transition from hot to cold and visa versa.

Try skirts instead of dress slacks. Skirts allow air to circulate around your legs which will help you to thermoregulate when you’re outside.

Trying wearing your hair in a way that is simple yet professional. Pulling your hair up into French twist, French braid, or low ponytail allows you to pull the hair off the back of your neck all while keeping your look professional.

So now that we’ve got some ideas on what you SHOULD do, let's talk about some things you should NOT do.


Wear shorts or miniskirts unless it’s explicitly written in your dress code or is part of your uniform.

Go too casual on the footwear. Closed toe shoes are usually the best choice when it comes to most business situations.

Get too crazy with the summer colors. It’s easy to get carried away with wearing brighter and flashier colors during the summer months. Remember to keep it business casual and most importantly, professional.

Whatever you do, remember that no matter how hot it gets during some of the summer months. If you find yourself unsure whether your outfit is professional or not, remember your ABC’s of business dress code which is appropriateness, boundaries, and consistency.

Appropriate clothes and clergy attire are suitable for your work environment as well as for your audience as a business person.

Boundaries with how you dress means making it a policy to dress in a way that won’t distract with the business at hand.

A consistent approach to business dress means that your colleagues know what to expect from you and will always treat you with respect. 

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