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3 Ways to Complement Your Tie With a Pocket Square

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Your tie and pocket square should never exactly match. The goal is to complement each article of clothing with another. This means that your jacket, shirt, tie, and pocket square should all enhance one another without having the same pattern or matching exactly. The best thing to do is to start with your tie and make sure that it complements your jacket and shirt. Then add in your pocket square and make sure it complements your tie. Wearing a tie without a pocket square is perfectly acceptable but adding in the pocket square shows that you really take pride in your appearance. Here are 3 ways to complement your tie with a pocket square.

  1. Color - Start with color because understanding color coordination is an essential basic skill that is the foundation of selecting your wardrobe. Remember that the color of your pocket square is only meant to complement your tie. The two items shouldn’t be the same color throughout. Instead, try pairing them so that one color of your pocket square really brings out the color of your tie.
  2. Patterns - I would encourage you to experiment with different patterned ties and pocket squares. Just be careful not to overdo it and spoil your outfit. When you’re first starting out try keeping it simple until you see what works best for you. If your tie or pocket square has a pattern then the other item should be a solid color. This helps prevent clashing and your outfit looking too busy. You don’t want to overwhelm your outfit by incorporating more than 3 patterns because remember that your suit and jacket counts as one!
  3. Textures - Texture is less noticeable than color but it still plays a large role in how you look and can show that you’ve developed a sense of style for yourself. You can utilize textures to help create a more casual look and smooth fabrics like silk create and even dressier look. Try using fabric for your pocket square that is different from your jacket as long as the two complement one another but the texture of your pocket square and tie can match.

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed and like a newbie then don’t sweat it. Start from the top of this article and work your way down. Color coordination is the most important factor. So as long as your color is matching then everything else will fall into place. Make sure to not wear more than 3 patterns or you’ll run the risk of your outfit looking a little too busy. If you’re feeling confident then start experimenting with textures to really make your getup pop. 

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