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Tips on How to Clean Your Church Clothes

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Keep your church clothes look fresh and new doesn’t have to involve spending copious amounts of money. Although you may snag your clothes on something sharp or stain your favorite church shirt with your coffee, most of the time the main culprit to ruined delicate clothes is your washer and dryer. The good news is prolonging the life of your delicate clothes can be done right at home with a few easy steps. We put together a short list of ways you can extend the life of your church clothes.

  1. Pick the appropriate washer setting: Use a gentle cycle to help eliminate some of the wear and tear on your delicate items. Try washing your “dry clean only” items on the handwash cycle to ensure they don’t get ruined. More durable items like denim can be washed on a machine’s normal setting.
  2. Use mesh laundry bags: Some washing machines aren’t equipped with a gentle cycle setting which is where this tip comes into play. Buy mesh laundry bags to help protect your delicate clothing from getting damaged. They’re easily bought for under $10 and are easy to use. Just place your items in the bag and throw it into the washer. You won’t have to worry about any snags, rips, or tangled clothes!
  3. Use cold water: Using cold water extends the life of your clothes as well as saves you some money by not running the hot water heater. Your clothes won’t shrink and their colors won’t fade. Plus, it’s better for the environment!
  4. Air dry your clothes: Utilize the beautiful fall weather and air dry your delicate clothes. Avoiding using the dryer will put less wear and tear on your clothes as well as save you more money by not running the dryer!
  5. Choose the right detergent: Not all laundry detergents are the same believe it or not. Certain detergents can keep colors from fading, prevent your clothes from shrinking, and are specifically made for delicate fabrics. Our expert opinion is to use Woolite brand because it’s gentle on clothes but we’ve also heard excellent things about Mrs. Meyer’s and Method detergents because they’re made with plant-based materials.

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