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5 Basic Church Apparel Item Ideas For Women

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When dressing for any occasion, it’ll be easier if you start with the basics. A wrinkle free button down shirt, a blazer, a dress, a blouse, and a skirt. These items are a great starting point when focusing on looking your best for church, a professional setting, or simply to look great when going out for the night.


A blazer is one of the most universal pieces of clothing that will instantly enhance your look. A blazer is perfect for church or a business meeting. It’s a good idea to purchase a blazer in a color that will match well with your favorite professional skirt or pair of pants. Purchasing a black, blue, or gray blazer is typically a good rule of thumb but if you’re looking to go bold, red and yellow typically look good with any color.


Picking neutral-colored skirts is a great idea that way you can mix and match then with different blazers or shirts. Patterned skirts tend to be off limits when attending church plus if you are new to constructing your wardrobe, picking neutral colors will allow you to make a ton of different outfit combinations.

White button-down

A fresh wrinkle free button-down can go fantastically with nearly anything whether you’re pairing it with a skirt, blouse, or dress slacks. This piece of clothing should be a staple in your wardrobe as it is versatile and can be used for many different style outfits and looks.


This church wardrobe piece of clothing is essential. A lot like the skirts, neutral colored blouses are a great way to go because they can be paired with clergy robes and more tops unlike bold colored blouses. Blue, black, and gray are a great way to go and this leaves you with a ton of different options on how you want to finish off the outfits look.


A handbag is a great accessory for completing your outfit and look. To church, people tend to wear cross-body handbags. If you like bigger bags, you can bring that instead and store your bible or baby items in there. Purchasing a neutral colored handbag is a good idea so that that it will compliment your church outfits. 

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