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If you’re a bishop looking to buy clerical apparel, then Divinity Clergy Wear is the best place for you! We have everything you need from our beautifully formed rochets and chimeres to our cross and cords. The best part about Divinity Clergy Wear is that everything is online, meaning you don’t have to go searching for a physical store that sells clerical apparel, because there aren’t many out there. If you’re looking to buy a complete outfit for church service, you’ve come to the right place!

You can purchase our beautiful Traditional Rochets online. We also offer chimeres, which can be worn over a rochet or a roman robe. You can buy our chimeres in the colors black, purple, and red. All are made from high-quality material and have a fluted back that completes the style of the chimere, giving off that effortless flow. The finishing touch is the cord and button front closure that ties the chimere all together. Our beautifully designed chimeres are perfect for ministers looking for high-quality garments to be worn for church service.

Wearing the right clothing for church service is important, as that clergy robe will show others, ministers and churchgoers alike, what you stand for. When you put on that vestment, you now become a positive symbol of faith for others. You now possess the ability to leave a positive impact on the lives of other people. Whether you decide to sport our beautiful Traditional White Rochets and our chimeres or our Roman Cassocks and Cincture Sets, you’ll have the highest quality garment you won’t be able to find anywhere else online.           

We not only have clerical apparel specifically for bishops, but we also offer Pastor Vestments, as well as our Apostle Vestments. We aren’t limited to just robes, we have a variety of clerical apparel including clergy collars, church suits, clergy accessories and much more! Some of the clergy accessories you can buy include crosses, ties, button covers, and vest sets. Style up your church wardrobe by purchasing not only our vestments but also our clergy accessories! Many of our items online are on sale, so get your clerical apparel today! From our vestments to our chimeres and surplices, you can find everything you need to dress up for church service. Buy a variety of clergy wear and clergy robes today!