Clergy Collars

Preacher Collars For Sale

Our clerical collars and preacher collars are the perfect final touch to your clergy shirt or robe. These clergy collars are designed to be soft and flexible for maximum comfort. They are secured with small collar buttons. Our clergy & preacher collars are 1 ¼ inches in height and the inner band is perforated which will keep your neck cool. Sizes range from 15.5in to 22in to ensure a proper fit for any size neck. Grab yourself a clergy or preacher collar now while they’re for sale online for only $17.95. Find out more information on our clerical and preacher collars by contacting us today!

Clerical Collars

Not sure what the circumference of your neck is and don't want to order online? Come try on our white clerical collar and preacher collars in our beautiful new showroom warehouse located in Hamilton, New Jersey. Call 877-453-3535 for more information on our clerical collars and all other items or to schedule an appointment now.