3 Major Attributes In Every Good Pastor

Jun 26th 2019

Here are 3 major attributes that every good pastor possesses.1.They are a great administrator: A good pastor will lead the ministry of the church in all of its areas whether it is financial, busine … read more

How To Become A Church Member

May 28th 2019

To become a member of the church is to formally commit to an identifiable body of believers who have joined together for specific purposes in worshipping, edifying one another through spiritual gift … read more

The differences between Pastors and Priests

Apr 29th 2019

The title can be slightly deceiving, because a Catholic priest can sometimes be referred to as a pastor while some Protestant pastors can be referred to as priests. So here is a list similarities and … read more

What Not to Wear to Church

Mar 25th 2019

Believe it or not this is still a thing. Depending on your church, there will be different expectations and standards as to how you dress. Some churches are more relaxed and allow for more casual c … read more

5 Basic Church Apparel Item Ideas For Women

Mar 19th 2019

When dressing for any occasion, it’ll be easier if you start with the basics. A wrinkle free button down shirt, a blazer, a dress, a blouse, and a skirt. These items are a great starting point when … read more