3 Major Attributes In Every Good Pastor

Jun 26th 2019

Here are 3 major attributes that every good pastor possesses.

1.They are a great administrator: A good pastor will lead the ministry of the church in all of its areas whether it is financial, business, or ministry teams. Not all pastors are interested in leading in other areas but if they are, it is a wonderful attribute to have and can help you connect with the people of your church on another level.

2.They are really good at relating: A good pastor does more than just preparing weekly sermons, preaching to the people, and conducting worship services. They go out of their way to be great leaders of the church by relating with the fellow people. The best way to provide spiritual leadership is to really connect with those of your church about things within and outside of church.

3.They preach a good message: Most pastors see a majority of their members only one time a week and that’s when they are preaching the Word of God. Therefore, the message that they deliver is absolutely vital for effective church leadership and ministry.

Truth is like anything else, being a great pastor takes diligence and effort! If you are a pastor, I encourage you to pursue these areas and work on them! If you are a church member, I implore you to support your pastor and grow alongside them.

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