4 Ideas for Summer Fun at Your Church

Jun 27th 2016

Summer is the perfect time of the year to grow the attendance at your church. The weather is beautiful, unlike the winter when it’s almost always cold, and there is pretty much always a chance of snow. In the summer, children are off from school and families have more free time together. This is the best opportunity you’ll get to engage families in church activities that will not only keep the attendance levels high but will also allow friends and family members to have fun in the process. You probably won’t need any clergy jackets as you go outside in the heat and have fun in the hot summer sun. Here are four ideas for fun summer activities at your church:

1.Outdoor Christian music concert - Everyone loves music. An excellent way to increase attendance is to hold an outdoor Christian music concert. Also, provide food, such as hot dogs and hamburgers, to give churchgoers the ultimate experience. Watch as the people flock to your church when they hear live music being played and food being distributed. This is a fantastic way to bring in new members!

2.Hold a bike ride event that ends at your church - Summer is the perfect season for exercising outside and riding your bike. Let children and teens work off their excess energy before they get to the church by organizing a bike ride beforehand that ends up there. Once they arrive, have food for them and even arrange a little art party where they can paint pictures of the church or anything else.

3.Organize a weekly outdoor Bible study - Take advantage of the beautiful outdoor weather by hosting a weekly outdoor Bible study. The whole family can enjoy this activity as they learn more about the Bible and fun along the way. You can even let children try on clergy wear for fun such as men’s clergy robes and more.

4.Arrange an outdoor tournament - You can invite the entire community to this event. Hold fun outdoor games on your church’s lawn to see who is the best at horseshoes, bocce ball, softball, badminton, and even volleyball.

Those are just a few of the fun summer activities you can have at your church. If you’d like to learn more about these activities or about the clergy wear collection that Divinity Clergy Wear has to offer, contact them at 1-800-838-7489 or visit their website at http://www.divinityclergywear.com/.