5 Reasons to be Optimistic about Church in 2019

Apr 29th 2019

Churches nowadays are facing hardships like financial issues, pastor’s unrealistic expectations, and tradition having more pull than vision. But, despite the tough reality that many congregations are feeling today, here are 8 reasons to remain optimistic about your church.

  1. Many church leaders are admitting that their church is struggling and although this may seem negative, there is actually a silver lining to it. Something can’t begin to heal and improve until you admit something is wrong or can be improved.
  2. Churches are becoming an increasing presence in their communities. Churches are moving away from the closer niche community and becoming more of an active and generally positive presence in their environment.
  3. More young pastors are feeling that there’s a calling pulling them towards church revitalization. This is getting the older and more traditional church leadership styles to dwindle out allowing church leaders to better connect to the younger people in their communities.
  4. Churches seem to be working together more now than ever. Even churches from different denominations are working together to work on the areas that need to be improved. For decades church leaders have criticised and fought with one another but in today’s world, these leaders are feeling more connected and uniform than ever before.
  5. There is a multi-stage and multi-venue movement going on and because of this, existing congregations are taking advantage of the opportunities for Great Commission growth. As a result, fewer churches will close their doors and have a chance to be revitalized.

Although we won't ignore the struggles that churches are facing. Being aware of them allows church leaders to guide us in the right direction.