6 Great Church Outreach Summer Time Activities

Jul 8th 2019

If you’re apart of the church world then you’re probably familiar with the summer slump. School is out for the summer, people are on vacation, and the attendance at church is down. Divinity Clergy Wear Here are 6 ideas you can do for your church outreach to bring people together during the quieter summer months.

  1. Outdoor Movie Night: Host a free outdoor movie night for the members of your church. Choose a popular family-friendly movie and encourage them to invite friends, coworkers, and neighbors to really help bring people together!
  2. Sports in the Park: The summer time is a great chance to take advantage of the outdoors. Organize some pick-up sports in the park to bring people together. Games like two-hand-touch football, cornhole, volleyball, and ultimate frisbee are great choices.
  3. Church Garage Sale: Summer is notorious for garage sales. Why not have your church get together to host one collaborative garage sale. Invite everyone to clear out their garages and bring everything they want to sell.
  4. Offer a Cool Zone: Many lower income families don’t have air conditioning during the hot summer months. You can invite people into classrooms, your fellowship hall, or even the sanctuary.
  5. School Supply Drive: Holding a school supply drive is a wonderful way to bless families who are less fortunate and may need some help supplying their kids with all the necessary school supplies to take on the school year.
  6. Water Games Day: Just like the sports in the park, organize a day to take advantage of the hot summer weather and enjoy some water sports. This may include water fun fights, water balloons, Slip n’ Slides, or relay races.

We hope you found these ideas helpful to kick off the summer outreach. As long as you’re committed to making connections with your church and community then you won’t find yourself in the summer slump!