6 Ways To Give Back To Your Community

Aug 22nd 2019

Volunteering is a win-win for everyone involved. Those who receive help are always grateful for the kind act and the volunteers involved learn that helping others makes you feel great. Here are some 6 ways to give back to your community and feel great about it. 4 3 5 2 1 12

1. Volunteer at a senior center: Your local nursing home most likely could use a few extra hands and would be glad to have the extra help. Stop in at your local retirement home and ask how you can get involved. This makes for a very rewarding experience.

2. Throw a Community Yard Sale: If you have any experience in business, administration, or marketing then consider organizing a yard sale for your community. Dedicating the proceeds from the yard sale to your local church or to help those less fortunate is a great idea.

3. Coach a Local Youth Sports Team: Unfortunately a lot of kids miss out on the opportunity to play sports because there aren’t enough coaches or assistants to support the team. If you love kids then volunteer to help coach a local sports team that may need the extra help.

4. Volunteer at A Local School: Your local school may need some extra help when it comes to chaperoning class field trips or monitoring out activities and events. Our schools work best when the community is involved.

5. Don’t Forget About Family: A great way to make a difference is to remember that our family members could always use help in some way shape or form. Our lives get busy and hectic and we often forget our parents and grandparents are growing older and could probably benefit from being offered a little extra help here and there.

6. Volunteer at a Hospital: It’s not uncommon for a hospital to be a little understaffed especially in the nursing department. Hospital volunteers go a long way when it comes to adding to the well being and overall care of the patients. Duties may include helping with food service, pushing wheelchairs, or just simply sitting and talking with patients.

Pay it forward to those in need because you’ll be making a greater impact than you think and you’ll feel great doing it.

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