8 Church Group Summertime Activities

Jul 18th 2019

  1. Neighborhood Cookout - Encourage members of your church (or yourself) to host a neighborhood cookout one Saturday and invite everyone you know!

  2. School’s Out Celebrations - Arrange for 3 separate last-day-of-school parties within the members of your church group. The themes could correspond with elementary school, middle school, and high school age related activities. For example, party number one is elementary school where the theme is an ice cream party. Party number two is middle school and the theme is a treasure hunt. The third party would be high school and the theme of this party could be something like a volleyball tournament.

  3. Everyone Stay Cool - Open your facility to those in the community who may not have access to air conditioning. Provide a recreational area where people can cool off from the AC. Provide Wi-Fi as well so that college students can set up a comfortable workspace.

  4. Camper Sendoff - Arrange a party filled with fun activities for camp goers before they leave.

  5. Free Concert - Invite the entire community to an outdoor concert on the churches front lawn.

  6. Thank Local Heroes - Create an event to thank the local heroes. Invite firefighters, police offers, emergency medical personnel, and military personnel as well as the entire community to give these brave people the recognition they deserve.

  7. Back-To-School Support - Help those in your community by partnering with a local school or shelter to provide backpacks filled with school supplies to school aged children whose families need some financial support.

  8. Move In - Recruit church member volunteers to represent your church with T-shirts and help with move-in day at a local college. Invite students to Sunday worship as well as a free homemade lunch for them.

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