About Our Clergy Dresses

About Our Clergy Dresses

Aug 17th 2022

Whether you are an ordained member of the clergy or are simply looking for a humble, dignified, yet inspiring look to wear to church, you’ll love our collection of clergy dresses for ladies.

We carry a wide range of original, unique designs in an equally wide range of patterns and colors, along with clerical accessories. Many of them are specifically designed for lady members of the clergy, but others are also suitable for members of the congregation.

Here’s what you need to know about our collection of classic clergy dresses!

Are Clergy Dresses Appropriate for Church?

This is one of the top searches on Google, and it represents a valid question and a legitimate concern. Propriety is of the utmost importance in the house of God, after all - regardless of your denomination. This is why many men wear church suits!

The short answer, nonetheless, is yes! It does pay to exhibit some discretion, though.

The best clergy dresses, preaching dresses, and church dresses are very conservative, while still lending a polished, refined, upscale aesthetic that is demure, respectful, and respectable.

Some features to avoid in clergy dresses or church dresses are designs that contain sheer fabric, thin straps, or expose the back, shoulders, or of course, the midriff.

Covering your shoulders is a generally good idea. While we don’t suggest that church dresses must have long sleeves, you will see that many of our ladies’ preaching and clergy dresses do have long sleeves that reach to the wrist.

It is also a generally good practice to choose longer dresses. Anything that rises about the knee is probably too short to wear to church. In a sense, this aesthetic will somewhat match the look of a cassock: it will have a long hem and long sleeves, too.

Remember that just because a dress is modest and conservative does not automatically mean that it cannot be fashionable! Many of our clergy dresses prove this fact!

It is also important to remember that different denominations have unique customs. It may be acceptable for you to wear a blouse or pantsuit in lieu of a church dress. Some denominations also encourage ladies to wear hats while in services!

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Caring for Clergy Dresses

Our clergy dresses for the ladies are made with a range of unique, designer materials that have their own specific needs for care and maintenance. In addition, many of them are elegantly trimmed and decorated with rhinestones.

These dresses should be handled, worn, and cleaned fastidiously and with the utmost care!

However, when it is time to launder them, the best advice we can offer is to reference the unique information contained in each garment’s clothing tag. Follow those instructions above everything else.

A safe rule of thumb is not to attempt washing or cleaning at home if you are not familiar with the fabric from which the garment is made. The most conservative bit of advice we can offer you is “when in doubt,” take it to a dry cleaner or another professional garment cleaning service provider.

If you do spot clean at home, never attempt to machine wash any of our dresses. This can damage both the fabric and the lay of the cut. If you do spot clean, be sure you only ever air dry these garments.

While we don’t advise against covering our garments in transit or during storage, be sure you use a breathable garment bag. Plastic garment bags trap moisture, can encourage the growth of mold or harbor pests, and can amplify odors. Opt for a fabric bag instead (we also sell some of our robes and dresses with optional garment bags at the point of purchase - see the product page or contact us for details).

Keeping your favorite church dresses covered when not wearing them (in an appropriate garment bag, of course) will help protect them against light, rapid shifts in temperature, and potentially against moisture-related damage as well.

Also, when hanging your church dresses, we advise the use of strong contour hangers. Some of our robes and dresses are much too heavy to hang on standard, thin gauge hangers. Moreover, contour hangers will help them keep their shape and extend their longevity.

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Available in a Wide Range of Colors and Unique Patterns

Possibly the best thing about our collection of clergy dresses is how broad it is! We carry a wide range of different designer dresses in a similarly wide range of styles, cuts, and colors, and with an equally diverse assortment of supporting accents.

We carry 1, 2, and 3-piece dress sets in a wide range of colors - blue, purple, white, black, red, and even more - in a number of cuts and styles.

Many of our dresses come with shoulder coverlet accents, are finished with a silk-style look, and are adorned with rhinestone accouterments.

The diverse selection in color is not only useful from a sense of fashion. It also enables our customers to match their clerical vestiture with the requirements of the liturgical calendar. We carry dresses (and other clergy robes) aligned with the most common clerically-significant colors.

Also, remember, when you are shopping through our collection, we carry dresses in a huge range of sizes - typically between 6 and 26W - making us one of the providers that carry extended sizes. Again, see the product page or contact us directly for details.

Treat Yourself to a New Clergy Dress from Divinity Clergy Wear

Ready to improve your wardrobe with grace from our collection of clergy attire and clergy blouses? Our selections are second to none for style and quality and feature unparalleled craftsmanship that is trusted by preachers the world over.

If you have any concerns or questions about our clergy dresses for the ladies, we welcome you to visit us in our showroom, conveniently located near both New York and Philadelphia, in Hamilton, New Jersey. Sometimes, the best way to get familiar with a dress is actually to feel and see it!

Otherwise, if you have any quick questions, remember that we are only a call away, at 877-454-3535.