Best Ways To Get Involved In Your Community

Sep 26th 2019

It’s officially fall and which means it’s getting cooler and the holiday season is on it’s way! This means there’s no greater time to get involved in helping you community by planning community service projects! We’ve compiled a list of ways you can help those in need in your community.

  1. Organize a Coat Drive: The weather will soon begin to get colder which means less fortunate kids who aren’t equipped with a coat or jacket may be left exposed to the elements. Start a coat drive to collect coats and jackets from your local friends and community members to help kids whose families may not have the resources to properly clothe them.
  2. Plan a Blood Drive: Every two seconds someone in the U.S. who is in need of blood. The American Red Cross provides planning assistance and everything else you would need to host a blood drive to help someone who may desperately need it.
  3. Neighborhood Cleanup: A community clean up is a great way to bring your community together as well as make your neighborhood, parks, and community look wonderful.
  4. Collect Food: Contact your local food bank and they should provide you with the necessary information and materials on how you can organize a food drive. Encourage people to donate their favorite food items. You can even incentivize people by offering prices to those who donate the most.
  5. Volunteer: There are endless opportunities you can take advantage of to get involved and volunteer. Habitat for humanity and nursing home are two great places you could start that could always use an extra helping hand.
  6. Coach: Into sports? Become a volunteer coach or referee for your local youth sports teams. Your local YMCA or club sports teams could use some extra assistance!

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