Colors to Wear for Different Seasons in the Liturgical Year

Jul 11th 2016

Different colors were used to represent different liturgical seasons and times of the year in the church starting around the fourth century. These colors are used to express ideas and emotions that align with the different seasons and give them meaning. For example, white and gold are used to represent light and the brightness of day, black is used to represent mourning, red is used to represent martyrs and Christ on the cross because it is the color of blood, and blue is used to honor Mary in some religions.

The church takes these colors very seriously and believes the correct color should be used for every holiday or time of year. At Divinity Clergy Wear, we can provide you with the proper clothes and colors with our extensive online collection. Here are three seasons in the liturgical year and the colors you should wear to represent them correctly:

Advent - Purple and Deep Blue: This season involves preparation for the birth of Christ, which is Christmas. Since Advent is a preparation instead of a celebration of Christmas, different colors are worn and used to represent it. Purple is used to represent Christ and penitence, and deep blue is used to distinguish Advent from Lent. Blue also reminds us of Mary.

Christmas - White and Gold: Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Christ. Since white and gold symbolize the joy in the brightness of the day, those are the colors that are traditionally worn on Christmas day and the following twelve days.

Easter - White and Gold, Pentecost - Red: Easter is another celebration; this time it is for Christ coming back from the dead. White and gold are also used to represent this time in the liturgical year. On Pentecost Sunday, the season ends, and the color red is used to replace them to remind people of fire, which symbolizes the Holy Spirit.

Those are a few of the seasons in the liturgical year, and the colors used to represent them. We, at Divinity Clergy Wear, would like you to look your best for them. We sell the highest-quality clerical wear and religious garments for these holidays and beyond. To learn more about our extensive collections and different colors, contact us at 1-800-838-7489.