How To Become A Church Member

May 28th 2019

To become a member of the church is to formally commit to an identifiable body of believers who have joined together for specific purposes in worshipping, edifying one another through spiritual gifts, wearing the clerical garb, and proclaiming the gospel to those who are thought to be lost.

It is important to have a church home to worship God and a place to grow in your faith. It is important to have your church to turn to in times of trouble. It’s important to feel like you belong at your church therefore when looking for a new church, make sure to assess that your beliefs and values align with the churches.

How to become a member of a specific church?

Usually becoming a member of a church isn’t too hard and only takes a couple simple steps.

1. Have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ or seek a relationship with God.

2. Usually becoming a part of a church entails some form of baptism

3. Talk to your church’s pastor about joining the church. He will be able to give your more information and point you in the right direction.

If you were already a member at another church then you will be considered a transfer of membership.

Becoming a member by Baptism: A Baptism is a way in which we can publicly profess that we have accepted him as our Savior. Baptism symbolically represents the transformation that has taken place in our lives through our personal faith in Jesus Christ.

By Transfer of Membership: Once you fill our the membership application for your new church their clerk will your previous church stating you wish to join your new church’s fellowship. Your previous church will remove you from their members list and you’ll be added to your new church’s list.