How to Choose a Suit to Wear to Church

Posted by Jordan Reiss on Apr 27th 2015

You already know that you want to look your best at church. Dressing up in your “Sunday best” shows that you honor the meaning of attending a service, and it’s always joyful to see men, women and children dressed in their finest to celebrate their faith.

While you intend to wear something special, how do you choose the appropriate style? Read our guide to choosing a church suit or clergy shirt so that you can look and feel ready for Sunday morning.

Formal vs. Casual

Determining how formal or casual your suit should be depends on many factors. First, what is the accepted style at your church? An increasing number of churches allow casual dress, but many houses of worship prefer that men wear tailored jackets, trousers and dress shoes. A two piece suit or even a sport coat with dress slacks will be suitable for most church services.

Second, what is the occasion? On an ordinary Sunday, it’s acceptable to wear more casual styles, but on special days like Easter, you should dress up a little more to mark the holiday. A three-piece suit is a classic style that adds a touch more formality to your ensemble. Typically, church services won’t require that you wear a tuxedo, but if you attend a black-tie event hosted by the church, you’ll certainly want to buy an affordable one from Divinity Clergy Wear.

Color and Pattern

Color is an important part of a church garment. Some colors have specific meanings. They can also affect your mood, influence how others see you and determine how you express yourself.

Patterns, too, add dimension and personality to any outfit. They can be understated and modest or bold and attention-grabbing.

When choosing a suit, conservative colors like camel, gray and black are classic choices for men that communicate elegance and refinement. For special occasions, however, nothing captures the celebratory mood like a bright red or blue jacket. At Divinity Clergy Wear, we stock a range of colors for men’s suits. We also carry suits and jackets in many different patterns, from subtle plaids to bold stripes.

We also have clergy shirts available in a wide variety of bright or muted colors and patterns. A brightly colored clergy shirt can grab the attention of your congregants before you say a word, and can help you communicate your joy in your faith.


The right fit is important because well-fitting clothes help you look your best and feel comfortable at the same time. While at church, you want to be able to sit and stand for long periods of time while remaining attentive to the service. An uncomfortable suit or shirt won’t help you do that!

At Divinity Clergy Wear, we stock only finely-tailored clothing that is cut to flatter the wearer. Furthermore, we carry a wide range of sizes, including big & tall sizes, so that every churchgoer or clergyman can find a garment that fits.

Divinity Clergy Wear stocks clergy wear and church wear for men and women who wish to express their faith in an attractive and appropriate style. We also carry dress shoes, accessories and clergy robes for sale. To learn more, explore our website or call 800-838-7489.