How to Find the Right Clergy Suit

How to Find the Right Clergy Suit

Sep 14th 2022

Just like regular suits, clergy suits are meant to make you look sharp, professional, trustworthy, and passionate. Over the years, clergy suits have become available in more styles than ever before, allowing you to also show your personality. This has made clergy suits even more impactful to wear. But you can’t just wear any suit.

Here’s a guide to pick out the perfect clergy suit.

What is a Clergy Suit?

A clergy suit is also known as a preaching suit. It’s formal attire that can be worn when leading a service or delivering orations. Clergy suits are high-quality with embroidery and nice detailing. You’ll often pair it with a clergy shirt.

Clergy suits can be worn by anyone delivering a service in most churches. It’s sometimes seen as more formal and elaborate, however, meant to command attention and gain respect. While some people like to be casual at church, a clergy suit can make an impact on the congregation and make your message heard.

While choosing a clergy suit can be pretty similar to picking out a regular suit, there’s a few key differences. The first to keep in mind are the colors.

When it comes to clothing worn by clergy, you can choose any style you want. The color, however, is often pre-determined. Black is the most common color of clerical attire. Black is considered the primary color for shirts and suits worn by members of the clergy.

Red or maroon are assigned to members of the clergy who hold the position of Bishop. Cardinals also wear maroon since they hold a higher position than the Bishop. Purple is also for specific positions, like the senior Bishop.

White is worn by members of the clergy during formal ceremonies. Think weddings, funerals, and holidays. You can choose other colors to mix in that represent the specific event to keep it festive or appropriate.

Once you have the color in mind, here is what you need to know about picking out a clergy suit.

How to Buy Clergy Suits

Pick Out a Fabric

Wool is often a safe choice, making it quite common. A wool suit can be worn any time of year. Cotton suits, however, are often worn in the summer, spring, and fall. You can also consider more unique fabrics like linen, which are great for summer.

Choose the Number of Buttons

Clergy suits come in a variety of styles so keep an eye on the buttons. Our suits have buttons all the way down the front, creating a conservative and put-together look. Some are evenly spaced while others have a few buttons closer together and then a space to create a more unique style.

Suits with two buttons are the most popular for traditional suits since they create a pretty modern look. If you have a shorter torso, a two-button suit can make you look streamlined and taller.

Looking for something different? Try a three-button suit. This can sometimes be more flattering since it will reach higher on your chest. These suits have a classier look.

One button suits are also a popular choice but sometimes look a bit too casual depending on the day. If you can pull it off, however, you’ll look pretty trendy.

Consider the Fit

Suits come in a few different common fits. The most common is, of course, the classic fit. This can give you a more relaxed look and are much more comfortable due to their looseness around the chest. A slim fit may be preferred if you’re taller and thinner. This suit is a lot more narrow and will give you a contemporary appearance.

Get Exact Measurements

When it comes to the perfect suit, you want it to fit just right. Go with a brand that has exact measurements or offers altercations. The shoulder width should be the same as the body structure underneath the suit jacket. The shirt should peek beneath the end of the sleeves slightly. You want both sides to meet flawlessly when you button, not creating any widened lapels or wrinkles.

Check for Flair

You don’t want to look cookie cutter. You want to stand out and show off your personality. That’s why our clergy suits come in distinct styles. Some have interesting patterns for a modern, relaxed take. Others have frills around the collar to give you some flair and create a flattering shape.

The Quality

You don’t want just any suit. Suits are meant to last. You should be able to wear your clergy suit for years without it fading or getting damaged. You’ll be wearing this suit for an abundance of holidays and special occasions, meaning you’ll be moving around and maybe even dancing. Make sure the details and stitching are trustworthy and high quality.

The Brand

When buying a clergy suit, you want to go with a company that cares about you and your congregation. While some fancy suit companies just want money, Divinity Clergywear is all about delivering an experience, providing comfort, and wowing your flock. We create suits with community in mind.

We are always here to answer your questions. If you have questions about our clergy suits, contact us at 877-453-3535. We would love to talk with you and offer you some guidance.

If you’re in New Jersey, come down to our showroom in Hamilton. We carry women’s and men’s suits, clerical attire, and more. We’ll be able to help you in person while you experience our suits first-hand.

We understand that buying a suit is an important decision. Contact us for any questions or advice and we will ensure you find the right clergy suit for your specific needs.