Planning Your Fall Festival

Sep 30th 2019

The air is getting crisper, leaves are slowly starting to change color, and every snack is now flavored as pumpkin spice. Yes, you guessed it, fall is upon us. Since it is now officially fall, it’s time to throw a church fall festival! Many churches throw fall festivals as a great way to bring together their community while enjoying the beautiful autumn weather. If you’re a part of the festival planning then consider some of these fun fall festival ideas!

  1. Pumpkin Decorating: Save yourself the mess of carving up pumpkins and instead, bust out the stickers, paint, glue, and yarn for the kids to decorate their own pumpkins!
  2. Pumpkin Carving: Alright, let’s not be a wet napkin and since your fall festival will most likely be outside, grab the child friendly pumpkin carving tools and help the youngster carve the scariest looking faces into the biggest pumpkins they can find.
  3. “Guess the Weight” Save the largest pumpkin for a contest of “Guess the Weight”. This is a fun way to raffle of prizes and get everyone involved with guessing how much the largest pumpkin weighs.
  4. Face Painting: Kids love getting their faces painted and it can be a fun addition to a costume that they’re already wearing.
  5. Dunk Tank: People always get excited to dunk the senior pastor in the tank and using softball sized pumpkins would be a fun way to add some fall pizzazz to the mix.
  6. Cornhole: Cornhole gets everyone excited as its become one of the most popular outdoor party games. Using orange and black bags and a fall theme painted set of boards is an awesome way to keep the energy of the party going.
  7. Hay Rides: Whether you use horses, tractors, ATVs, or trucks, hay rides are always a fall festival hit.
  8. Fall Themed Food: Don’t forget to add to the festival with Fall themed food like popcorn, caramel apples, pumpkin flavored anything, hot chocolate, apple cider and the list goes on!

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