Variety in clergy wear give modern choices

Sep 30th 2013

Members of the clergy traditionally have had specific uniforms and items of clothing with religious significance that must be worn when preaching or during official duties. While the regulations have … read more

Online resource for clergy shirts

Sep 28th 2013

Members of the clergy are immediately recognizable by the unique clothing that they wear, depending on the differnet faith or denomination, and this makes it easier for followers to identify a leader … read more

Clerical apparel makes the right impression

Sep 20th 2013

Members of the clergy, in all different religions, have a responsibility to the people in their congregation to be respectful and professional. Clerical apparel helps make the statement of responsibil … read more

Clerical robes complete important moments

Sep 18th 2013

Every moment spent in a religious setting is spiritually important to the people there. As members of the clergy, it is important to look their best with the help of clerical robes. Divinity Clergy We … read more

Clergy shirts at reasonable prices

Sep 14th 2013

Looking great in front of the congregation every week should not have to be expensive. With Divinity Clergy Wear, members of the clergy can get great clothing for reasonable prices and keep looking th … read more

Clergy wear and accessories

Sep 12th 2013

Divinity Clergy Wear understands the need for professional and respectable clothing options for members of the clergy. They offer clergy wear, accessories, and more for both men and women. All differe … read more