Comfortable and affordable clerical shirts

Oct 16th 2013

We have a great selection of comfortable and affordable clerical shirts in all sizes. We have 35 colors available on all styles of our shirts, giving you the freedom to diversify your clergy wardrobe! … read more

Online resource for clergy shirts

Sep 28th 2013

Members of the clergy are immediately recognizable by the unique clothing that they wear, depending on the differnet faith or denomination, and this makes it easier for followers to identify a leader … read more

Clergy shirts in all styles and colors

Aug 29th 2013

Members of the clergy spend a lot of time under scrutiny each week. Making sure they look their best up front is easy with the help of Divinity Clergy Wear. They offer clergy shirt, robes, and accesso … read more

Order clerical shirts in different styles

Aug 21st 2013

Divinity Clergy Wear has an extensive collection of apparel for members of the clergy. From clerical shirts to robes, and even shoes and ties, they have everything priests and pastors need. When dress … read more

Selection for clerical shirts

Aug 7th 2013

When it comes to clerical shirts, finding variety is the key to making sure your image up front every week stays fresh. Divinity Clergy Wear offers a wide selection of all kinds of clothing options fo … read more