The Benefits of Attending Mass on a Regular Basis

May 24th 2016

Do you attend Mass regularly? Do you realize how many benefits this simple practice can have on your overall health? Many people may not realize that taking one single hour out of their week to attend a spiritual Mass at church can positively affect their physical and mental being. If you enjoy singing and praying, imagine singing and praying with hundreds or even thousands of other people who share the same beliefs as you. It can be an uplifting experience as you feel like an angel who is praising their Savior.

Whether you’ve attended Mass on a weekly basis or once in your life, or whether you’re a clergy member who wears a clergy jacket or an audience member, choosing to go regularly will help you reap many spiritual benefits that you’ll feel deep within your soul. Here are three benefits of attending Mass on a regular basis:

1.Social support - It is no secret that you’ll feel a boost in social support as you begin to attend Mass regularly. Many people go to church every week, and you’ll feel part of a group who shares your values and beliefs when you attend with them. Those who frequently visit have been found to have larger social circles filled with people who look out for each other.

2.Healthy behavior - Many who regularly attend Mass also tend to have healthier behavior than those who do not. Of course, many churchgoers struggle with behaviors they wish to change, but for the most part, people who attend Mass on a regular basis tend to smoke less, drink less, use less recreational drugs, and be less sexually promiscuous than others.

3.Getting to know God - Going to church is ultimately about getting to know God. By finding a church that aligns with your values and beliefs and attending Mass frequently, it’ll help bring you closer to Him. This can help bring more love and happiness into your life.

Those are three benefits of attending mass on a regular basis. To learn more about benefits of the church or to find discount clergy robes for members of the clergy, contact Divinity Clergy Wear at 1-800-838-7489.