Tips for Dressing for Church in the Summer

Posted by Jordan Reiss on Jun 2nd 2015

We love the beautiful summer weather and look forward to the annual church picnic just like you do. However, we also know that summer months mean that temperatures in your house of worship will rise exponentially, especially if you belong to a large and crowded congregation. During the summer, your desire to look your best and stay modest might conflict with your need to stay cool and comfortable. 

Divinity Clergy Wear has a few suggestions on how to beat the heat while continuing to show respect for your faith and fellow congregants. Follow these tips so you can focus on your worship instead of how you can’t wait to change when you get home from service.

Wear Light Colors

During the summer, both men and women can elect for lighter-colored clothing during regular service. Light colors in summer are fashionable for a practical reason. Darker colors absorb light and retain heat, making for hot, uncomfortable clothing. Lighter colors like white, tan, light blue and light gray, on the other hand, reflect sunlight and keep the wearer cool. Divinity Clergy Wear stocks light-colored clothing for summer in addition to our selection of darker colors. Invest in a light-colored summer dress or suit so that any sunlight filtering in through the windows won’t cause you any discomfort.

Choose Breathable Materials

Natural fibers or light, breathable fabrics are your best bet for church apparel. They offer ventilation so that cool air can flow across your skin. We at Divinity Clergy Wear are dedicated to your comfort, and have made all of our church suits, dresses and shirts from breathable material.

Fit is also important to your comfort in the summer heat, so we offer different styles of suits, dresses and clergy robes to help you find the right fit for your body. We also offer a wide range of sizes, including plus and big and tall sizes.

Stay Modest

Staying modest in the summer is typically more of a struggle for women than it is for men, but it still an issue that each congregant has to address when climbing temperatures tempt you to come to church in short or skimpy clothing. Especially since most congregations frown upon immodest dress.

With a little creativity, you can keep your clothing respectful without feeling stiflingly hot. The breathable materials and light colors mentioned above will help greatly with keeping skirts knee-length and trousers long. Men can opt for pressed button-down shirts on the hottest days, forgoing blazers. Women, too, can leave blazers at home and switch them for lightweight cotton jackets or shawls that cover the shoulders. Remember to keep your shoes appropriate, as well: no flip-flops!

Remember What Is Truly Important

Sometimes, it’s hard to get up for church in the morning, no matter what the weather’s like. On the hottest days, you might be tempted to stay home instead of joining the congregation. However, we know from experience that skipping church will only deprive us of the spiritual nourishment that we need. A little summer heat is just a temporary distraction, but your faith is enduring and so is your congregation. Show your faith and respect by braving the heat. Your heart and soul will thank you.

For more advice on how to look your best at church, be sure to visit the Divinity Clergy Wear blog frequently.