Tips on How to Dress for Church

Feb 18th 2019

When you’re attending church, it is expected that you dress appropriately in a way that reflects your morals and the standards of the church. Although church attire has evolved over time, it is still expected by many churches that you wear your best clothing when attending the worship service. Here are some tips on taking the right steps to make sure that you’re dressed appropriately and looking your best at church.

Tip #1 for Women:

When in doubt, think conservative when picking out your outfit. Although church is a social gathering, it is not a party so it isn’t appropriate to wear what you would for a night out with your friends. Backless and low-cut dresses, tank tops, and spaghetti straps are definitely a no-go. Although you should be conservative, it doesn’t mean it can’t be fashionable. Just make sure to avoid showing a lot of skin as well as avoid wearing glitzy jewelry and expensive accessories.

Tip #2 for Women:

The best rule of thumb is to avoid wearing a skirt or dress that rises above the knees. Dresses aren’t expected to reach down to your ankles like they used to be but it is common sense that showing too much of your body in church may send some mixed signals. If you don’t like dresses or skirts, black pants are always an appropriate alternative!

Tip #1 for Men:

Wear your best clothing. Although expectation for church attire have become more lax over time, it is still expected that you dress in your nicest clothing when attending church. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on your clothes just make sure that they are clean and presentable.

Tip #2 for Men:

Wear a button down shirt that has been pressed or ironed if you don’t have a suit and tie. Make sure there are no stains and remember to tuck your shirt into your pants. Speaking of pants, make sure to wear wrinkle free slacks. Iron your pants ahead of time and hang them up to avoid them wrinkling. Avoid shorts even when it’s hot out. Shorts are inappropriate for church and may send the wrong signals.