Vestments To Make Any Impression

Feb 26th 2020

In the event that you need a primer, vestments are basically any garments that are worn by members of clergy or choristers during a service. The styles, types, and uses of vestments vary by the office within the church, as well as by the denomination of the church. They have been the subjects of debates throughout history (to put it very lightly) and there is no universal agreement on what vestments are appropriate for any given situation.

Something to keep in mind with the vestments that you choose to apparel the members of your church as well as your choristers is the message that you want to impart with the style of dress. Since the focus of any procession or service is in the substance of the Lord’s word, that is the ultimate message that you will be sending in your service.

However, the word needs a messenger or a vessel, and oftentimes that is the pastor or the priest himself. There are many ways to apparel the members of your church in order to accent the message that is being sent.

For example, it’s fairly common practice to outfit members of the clergy simply as part of a broader message of humility, simplicity and as a reminder of their secular duties. Oftentimes the color black is used to communicate austerity and humility, though other solid colors are sometimes used to the same effect. In addition, it is sometimes customary to present simple, humble garments in solid colors to signify the changing times in the liturgical calendar.

Simple, unadorned garments can produce a serious effect on a congregation that would be difficult to impress otherwise. There’s nothing like a plainly or neutrally colored set of clerical garments to inspire a congregation with awe. For those reasons and many more, we here at Divinity Clergy Wear are committed to bringing you many traditional, solidly colored options in clerical garments to inspire congregations with awe and give your clergymen the character and gravity due to their office.

That being the case, for better or for worse, the individual spirit of the members of your church will lend their influence to the message being delivered in a service or a sermon. There are other ways to create inspiration without leaning on severity and awe. Sometimes a sermon is positively complemented by the spirit of the pastor behind its delivery.

For these occasions, we are proud to offer you a full line of vestments that offer styles and designs that offer a change of pace from merely traditional offerings. Oftentimes the spirit of a preacher can be positively embellished by the help of garments that capture his passion and enthusiasm. Here at Divinity Clergy Wear, you will find some of our garments in simple forms but also in bright, spirited options that will move an audience not only with color but cut and pattern. Here are some of the options that we offer right here in our online store that you can use throughout all the times of the liturgical year as fits your services best.

Simple, Traditional Offerings
For those times when your services demand the most grace, undecorated options in clerical garments, we offer you plenty to choose from. Whether you need something in pure black or with all of the traditional components of a cassock and cincture along with the peripheral accessories, we’re uniquely poised to bring you just that.

Consider our Men’s 27 Button Roman Cassock and Cincture Set in black for one of our most austere, though most handsome offerings. This set offers construction in high-quality material so your priests or pastors can impress not only with the gravity of their presentation but the finery of their robes.

It has been interpreted that the color black is so prevalent in clerical garments and vestments to serve as a reminder to priests that they have secular duties to fulfill and to remind them of their mortality as men. If that is the case, then this is perhaps the ideal package to make that message clear. It is simple, unaccented, humble even in its lines and its design. It presents the perfect image if your desire is to inspire awe, admiration, and humility in a congregation.

What it lacks in the colorful and ornate flourishes of other designs it possesses in the weight of its character, and sometimes that is exactly what is needed.

Another excellent option to communicate the simplicity of honest duty is our Anglican Clergy Robes with Matching Cincture Belt. This offering is very similar to the above option but varies in the fact that it lacks the buttoning along the front. It, like the above offering, is crafting from the highest quality materials, and this model is offered in black Viva.

It simply is a matter of your taste if you are looking for a black cassock and cincture set for the outfitting of your clerical staff. Consider either of these two first options as excellent places to start.

A slight change of pace from the above options is our Official G.C.P.E Approved Class A Vestment including seven pieces. This offering comes with a black Anglican cassock and a matching black cincture belt. It also comes with a white surplice which is a remarkably versatile garment on its own. The surplice is also accented by beautiful lace trimmings that gives it a very distinct character. It comes with a black tippet on which is sewn the seal of COGIC. In addition, it comes with a black 36-inch cord and a silver cross to complete its effect. This is an excellent choice for those who want their clergy members to showcase the dignity of traditional dress in a high-quality format. Though it lacks the complete austerity of pure black, this is an excellent offering in traditional vestments.

In addition to these few that we have elaborately detailed, we offer many more vestments in traditional, simple styling right here on our site at Divinity Clergy Wear. Many of our simpler stylings are actually offered in white, which, though it stands in contrast to our black vestments is an excellent choice in simple garments. It lacks the gravity of black and is a reminder of the purity of divine love that is signaled through the word of the Lord. Take a look through our pages of clerical garments to see some of our options in white.

Vestments To Let The Light Shine Through
Your clerical garments, as we have already explored, are a great way to impress congregations with awe through their severity, austerity or simplicity. Yet there are times when the levity of the message requires a lighter approach. There are times when the color of the message shines through brightly and that should be reflected in the import of the person delivering that message.

There are also situations wherein the passion and joy of the celebrant can’t be contained by the demure neutral colors of black and white vestments. Naturally, sometimes you use colored garments to reflect the significance of the liturgical year, but there are times when colors can be used to even greater effect. For those times, we are proud to offer unique and original stylings that are just as bright and spirited as the members of your clergy.

For a great example of some of the boisterously bright vestment options we offer for the members of your church, take a look first at our Men’s Asbury Clergy Robe and Stole Set in gold and black. This is without a doubt one of our vestment offerings that is most deeply steeped with the life of color and the spirit of its character. Whereas many of our options make use of darker, less arresting colors, this one is replete with gold.

In fact, it is our most popular robe and certainly for good reason. It presents satin cuffs and a trimmed collar and matching trimmed piping. The heart is embroidered with a bible and the stole with crosses in black. This is a handsome robe by any metric, and whereas other presentations will make a mark with severity, this will due so through the splendor of its dazzling appeal.

It would be hard to match this robe for character, and though it is our best selling model, we offer many more alternatives in different colors and designs to make similar effects. Variety is the spice of life, and there is more than one environment that would make a match for a bright set of robes.

Consider also our Men’s Joseph Clergy Robe in purple and gold to make just as much of an impact on an audience as our former model. This set of robes offers the character of bright purple to the eye, a color traditional reserved for bishops. As there are no hard or fast rules for what colors to employ and where it can make a great addition to the line of liturgical garments showcased by the members of your clergy. The purple presence of these robes can’t help but impress the senses deeply with the import of traditional supposition and it is also handsomely detailed in gold. A beautiful gold brocade pattern graces the front of these robes and is continued through the pleat of the back. Interestingly enough, although these robes are bright and make quite a visual stir, due to their color and elegant brocade are fairly traditional in styling. That being said, they can be used in situations where the oration deserves the accent of bright and living color.

If you need really bright influence and an original sense of style that will be hard to match elsewhere, take a look at our Men’s Trinity Clergy Robe & Stole Set in red and white. This is another one of our brightest offerings, and being offered in red is one of the most visually appealing sets of robes that we offer here at Divinity Clergy Wear. While we offer this set in purple, blue, cream, white and other colors, this red version is the one that perhaps delivers the most immediate effect. The mind might wander back to the matter that red is the color in the Catholic Church that is reserved for Cardinals and so is one of the most reverent colors in that church. As different sects of churches view these colors differently the effect might not be quite exactly the same, but it is a color charged with significance nonetheless. Make no mistake about one thing. At whatever time of year you choose to employ these robes, and regardless of the particular sermon it will grace, it will be received with wonderment.

These, however, are only a very few of the many examples of the liturgical vestments we offer here on our site. To get a full impression of what we can offer, we invite you to take a look through our catalog of clergy robes for men. While you’re shopping, don’t forget that we also offer clergy robes for women, chimeres, surplices, clergy shirts and collars as well as church suits and dresses for men and women on our site. Take a look through our offerings to find what will suit your members best. It’s all right here, only waiting for you to discover it.

Not only do we offer one of the widest selections of original offerings in robes and vestments for men and women on the market, but we offer them in many extended sizes and with convenient, quick shipping options. Here at Divinity Clergy Wear, we are also proud to extend you our hand of service and our years of experience in the industry. Our customer service is second to none, so if you have any questions about any of our garments or accessories feel free to reach out to us at 877-453-3535. We’d be glad to help you find exactly what you’re looking for, and if you’re in the neighborhood don’t forget to stop by our warehouse showroom in Hamilton, New Jersey.