What Not to Wear to Church

Mar 25th 2019

Believe it or not this is still a thing. Depending on your church, there will be different expectations and standards as to how you dress. Some churches are more relaxed and allow for more casual clothing but others still expect you to come in your nicest attire.

Why can clothing be an issue?

For some people it’s not an issue but for others, they feel as though what you wear to church should be different than what you wear to other events.

What clothing is best for church?

There is no one word answer for this question. It really comes down to wearing what you feel is respectful to yourself and those around you. Wear appropriate apparel that doesn’t leave you exposed. Since different churches have different standards and expectations, it’s easiest to use the simple concept and common sense of question of “is this appropriate?”

Church isn’t the place to show off your miniskirt so if you’ve been dying to wear it, try saving it for a night out over the weekend! Low cut dresses by rule of thumb are inappropriate for church as well as dresses that have an open back to them leaving a lot of skin exposed. When it comes to church, sometimes showing less is the better way to go. If your church allows you to dress casually and wear jeans, be sure to refrain from wearing ripped jeans.

With white being the color of peace and tranquility, you should stock your church wardrobe with white clothing like dresses that go below the knee line. Shows that are close-toed are the better choice when going to church and lower heeled shoes like flats are always a comfortable and appropriate choice. Church isn’t the place to show off your flashiest wardrobe so keep it casual, respectful, and neat.