Know What to Wear on Sunday

Jan 9th 2014

For many of us, waking up on Sunday morning can be difficult when our warm beds refuse to let us go. A higher purpose calls, however, and we each must rise and prepare ourselves for the much anticipated Sunday service of the week. After you manage to toss off our blankets, you face an even bigger challenge before making your way to church – what should you wear? With a closet full of clothes staring back at you, picking out the right outfit can sometimes be daunting. Thankfully, there are some very simple rules to follow which can help you through this conundrum and to service on time.

Wearing your "Sunday best" is a term that finds its origins in explaining that the best clothing should be worn to worship. While many churches have adopted a more lenient policy regarding their dress code in recent years, some even going so far as to allow clothing that should be deemed too revealing, the bible decrees that service garb should be respectful and modest. Both men and women should set aside any garments that expose skin above the knees, hang low on the hips, or reveals parts of the chest below the collarbone and reserve them for casual wear. Also, any clothing with rips, tears, logos, or messages should be avoided if at all possible.

Knowing what not to wear is only half of the solution, though. What exactly qualifies as "Sunday best", anyway? Men should be sure to wear a fully buttoned up collared shirt, a single color suit jacket with matching slacks, a tasteful tie, and their best "non-sport" shoes. This style is refined, welcoming, and expresses a great level of respect for one's self, those around you, and the Lord. Women seeking to remain fashionable need not worry, as there are countless methods of staying attractive while donning church wear. Dresses are acceptable, assuming they do not reveal an indecent amount of skin and have a relatively simple design. Church suits are also acceptable, and help to avoid indecision when it comes to whether or not draped garments are fit to wear.

As a final note, taking time to find your perfect outfit can be both fun and rewarding. Jewelry or other accents to an outfit can help to make your Sunday clothes feel more unique and personal. Matching accessories with your best garments can be a fun and interesting way to make every Sunday morning a new experience.