Updating Your Church Style with Some Flair

Jan 9th 2014

In recent years, men and women have been moving away from the basic black as their "go to" color when it comes to their church attire. Breaking away from black, gray, beige and other neutral colors, people are discovering that other colors, along with the right patterns or prints, can pull together a look for Sunday Mass to the church barbeque. Men have been using color in their accessories for decades by wearing brightly colored neckties with all kinds of patterns and prints. Women are finally discovering a broader range of color too, and using it as an accent the same way.

No longer afraid of embracing color more readily, women are adding it to their outfits in all kinds of ways. They are also pairing patterns with their clothing, even mixing patterns in the same color family.

There was a time when an entire group of women standing together would look like a sea of dull shades, the only being the color of her hair or her height. This is no longer the case, as women are bringing color into their attire by adding bright hued pieces of clothing and accessories that enhance the appeal of their outfit.

Bright clergy shirts are one easy way that women are adding some flair to their wardrobes and creating their own unique styles. Fashionable clergy shirts can function as your Sunday Best, make a great choice for church social events, and are a great beginning or addition to any collection of clothing. No matter what the color – blue, yellow, red, green, or countless others – your clergy shirt will look great alone or with a simple accessory. Fashionably smart ladies know that adding stylish and new items to classic pieces is a great way to update their look.

A fashion forward woman of worship doesn't want to wear the same outfit every weekend, but changing up your look while remaining modest can be hard. Thankfully, there are plenty of opportunities out there to build an amazing collection of outfits without needing to fret. Colorful and designer clerical robes, shirts, and suits come in such an array of varieties that you are guaranteed to find something that catches your eye. Even better, once you own the outfit you can update it periodically for something new.

Women are making sure that adding colors and patterns to their outfits isn't a fad that is going to pass. This is a new and lasting trend that is here to stay, as women continue to create looks that get noticed and add something special to their church experience every day.